Infamous Enoch's Knob bridge soon to be demolished

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Photos and story by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – When the name “Enoch’s Knob” is mentioned people immediately think of a 100-year-old bridge spanning across Boeuff Creek and stories that lie within it’s history.  Rumors that ghost dogs, spirits, trolls, and other imps live or stay near the bridge have made Enoch’s Knob bridge famous and popular among Ghost Hunters.

Enoch’s Knob Bridge will soon be nothing more than a pile of scrap metal as a new bridge is being constructed. 

According to Author and famous Ghost Hunter Dan Terry, said that based on information gathered and physical evidence that four known deaths have been associated with Enoch’s Knob bridge.

Pictured is where the new bridge is being built.

On June 17, 1879 the Franklin County Register wrote, “Treacherous Boeuff Creek has again offered a sensation and a horror by engulfing two more unwary victims in its murky depths.”

Exactly 25 years ago today, August 23, 1987, Patrick Kinneson died after falling off the bridge.  Friends he was with had ran off into a cornfield, leaving Kinneson at the bridge alone.  The question left unanswered is whether he fell or committed suicide?

The most recent death took place on May 9, 2005 when a drug deal went bad, leaving Stephen Cooksey dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

What will happen after the bridge is demolished?  Will a hex be placed on the new one?  Will people fear crossing the new bridge?  Only time will tell.

Information regarding the deaths that occurred was obtained from Dan Terry.

This maybe the last time you see Enoch's Knob Bridge still standing.