Invest in your child's education - Buy college savings accounts for Christmas

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State Treasurer Clint Zweifel said as Christmas approaches, parents should consider investing in a Missouri 529 College Savings Plan.

In a column sent to newspapers across the state, Zweifel — who was reelected to his second term earlier this month — said “while higher education might not be on their wish list, contributions to a MOST 529 account could help the children in your life reach their goals.”

Zweifel said he and his wife have set up the accounts for their own daughters. If one was to save $50 each month, Zweifel said, from the year the child was born until they reached the age of 18, they family could have saved nearly $17,000.

“As you go about your holiday shopping, I hope you join Janice and me and contribute to the future education of the children in your life through a MOST 529 account,” he said. “This could be the prized gift for years to come.”

The investment program was established by Zweifel early in his first term.