iPads being used in Franklin County; already large turnout at the polls

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New Havne, Mo. - Polling places across Franklin County are reporting a high voter turnout.  Both New Haven locations have already surpassed the number of voters who turned out for the primaries.  As of 12:30 p.m., over 500 citizens have cast their votes out of roughly 1300 registered voters.

For decades, voting officials had to flip through a large book of pages to find your name so you could sign, showing you had voted.

This year, Franklin County has entered the 21st Century by using iPads to either scan the back of the voters' driver's license or the voter registration card, which then brings up the voter's name where they are able to sign right on the iPad.  Don’t worry, officials are able to manually enter in your information if you were to use a different form of identification.

Voting officials at both polling locations in New Haven said that they have had little complications and the use of the iPad has made the voting process much easier compared to flipping through a book.  The other advantage - no paper cuts.

Quick News briefly spoke with the County Clerk’s Office where they are extremely busy.  The biggest issue they are having is voters who have moved or who have gotten married and did not notify the County Clerk.  The clerk we spoke with said, “If this many people would have voted in the primaries we could have updated their information, reducing the number of issues caused today.”

The use of iPads, at least in New Haven, has made things much easier.  Quick News will have complete election coverage as the polls close and official vote numbers begin to roll in.