It's happened again - Female electrocuted while swimming at the Lake

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On Saturday for the second time in three days another person was electrocuted while swimming at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Ungrounded electricity entering the water from a boat dock caused a shock that has killed a Hazelwood woman.  Jennifer Lankford, 26-years-old, was swimming Saturday at the Lake when electric current shocked and killed her.

Just three days prior, a brother and sister from Ashland, Mo died at the Lake when they too came in contact with an electrical charge in the water.

Saturday’s incident could have been worse.  Two teenage boys were also in the water, but swam away from the dock when they felt the electric charge.

Dock owners on the state’s waterways are being reminded to check out their electric wiring.

Monday morning a spokesman for the Highway Patrol, Sergeant Paul Reinsch said, “We’re having trouble with electric entering the water around docks that are improperly wired. They’ve either been installed by someone that’s not licensed professionally, or they’re basically being done by so-called amateurs.”

Reinsch Said, “If it’s not properly grounded, that electricity has to go somewhere, and a good conductor of that electricity is water and what it does is create an electrical field around that dock, and anyone swimming’s just like touching an open wire.”