Kathleen Scheer hosts girls basketball camp

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Photos by Kyle Quick
New Haven, Mo.
Kathleen Scheer, former player for the Duke women’s basketball team, is hosting a mini-camp this week for grades three through seven.

Scheer said, “I knew about the transition the girls program  [New Haven’s girls basketball program] was going through and there wasn’t going to be a lot for the girls do so I thought it would be important to get them out and play a little ball [basketball]."

"I think that’s always important.  It was very important to me when I was their age and it was just something I had to do.”

We spoke with Mackenzie Wilson (pictured right) who is a big Duke fan and potentially a future star athlete.

Wilson said, “This camp is cool.  It’s really cool having Kathleen doing this camp.”

Wilson said, “I have learned about how to make an overhead pass.”

Daniel Scheer and two other former shamrocks, Keaton Rohlfing and Seth Schenck have also been helping out with the three-day mini camp, which began on Tues. and will run through Thurs.

Scheer said, “Our focus is teaching the basic fundamentals: passing, dribbling, shooting, ball handling, and playing defense, but really we are going to have fun and incorporate those skills into competition.”

Scheer is also using different drills she did during her four-year career at Duke.

Scheer said, “My overall goal is for the girls to leave knowing they had fun but also learned a little something.  As long as they leave here and can say 'I had a lot of fun' that is all that matters to me.”

Earlier this spring, Scheer announced that she signed a professional contract with the Bendigo Bank Spirit of the Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) in Australia.

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