Kaylin's Community Changers

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Who is changing our community for the better?  We want to know!

Who is your hero?  Is there a teacher who has impacted your child’s life, a neighbor who is always there for you, or someone who has fallen on hard times but never seems to give up? Has your child done something recently that has made you proud?

We want to hear your stories! 

This is your chance to say thank you to those who have made a positive change in your life or those around you. 

Quick News will publish a “Kaylin’s Community Changers” story biweekly.  The individual that the story is about will receive a frame-ready certificate of appreciation from Quick News and adults will receive a gift certificate to a local business, while children Community Changers will receive a gift from Lily's Letters; our way of saying thank you for making a difference.

Start sending in your stories now to reporter@quicknewhavennews.com!