Kaylin's Community Changers - Alana Foldi

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By Kaylin Bade
Our first Community Changer is Alana Foldi.  Alana is the daughter of Joe and Angie Foldi of New Haven.  Alana was chosen as a Community Changer due to her love of animals, thoughtfulness, and selflessness at her last birthday.

On October 29th, Alana turned nine years old.  She loves animals and is always asking her parents for more pets.  They told her that they could not keep any more animals at their home but suggested that Alana help these animals in other ways.  She asked her parents what she could do and they suggested collecting items for the Humane Society in Union. 

That was all it took for Alana to come up with the idea of having her birthday party attendees bring items for the Humane Society, rather than presents for her.  Mrs. Foldi put on the birthday party invitations that instead of gifts, Alana wanted to collect donations for the organization.  Altogether, Alana has raised $233 dollars and collected one bag of dog food for the Franklin County Humane Society. 

Alana attends New Haven Elementary School and is in Mrs. Ebker’s third grade class.  Alana's parents would like to encourage other parents in our area to ask their children what they care about and help them find the right organization.  Mrs. Foldi stated, “Birthday parties are a great way to collect donations.  You would be surprised at how many people are more willing to donate cash or items for a charity than to buy a birthday present.  Kids today have so many items!”

Congratulations to Alana Foldi for being recognized as Quick News’ first “Kaylin’s Community Changers” award recipient.  Alana received a gift from Lily's Letters and a Certificate of Recognition.

To nominate someone for Kaylin's Community Changers, email reporter@quicknewhavennews.com.  We are looking for children and adults making a positive impact on our community.  Adults will receive a gift certificate to a local establishment.