Kiddie tractor pull one more example of a fair tradition

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New Haven, Mo - Jim and Sharon Strubberg have personally sponsored the Kiddie Tractor pull since 2002 and the Dennis Segelhorst family has provided the pedal tractors and sleds for several decades, well before the Strubbergs began sponsoring the event.

This year there were 70 participants divided into age groups from 4-year-olds to 10-year-olds.  Trophies were awarded to the top three in each of the seven divisions.

Pictured: Jim Strubberg does a good job of announcing, but don't quit your day job, Jim!

Each participant also received a one dollar bill from the Youth Fair Queen, Taylor Goad and 2nd Runner Up, Rachel Horstmann.

Jim and Sharon are two of many reasons that have lead to the fair’s continued success.

In our featured story about this year’s record breaking fair, readers will  leave with a completely new perspective on why there have now been 50 New Haven Youth Fairs.

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Winners not pictured: 8-year-olds: 1st Cole Adams, 2nd Ryan Ewald, and 3rd Darren Armfield.
9-year-olds: 1st Brandon Segelhorst, 2nd Brady Vedder, and 3rd James Brooks.
10-year-olds: 1st Andrew Hullinghoff, 2nd Mathew Otten, and 3rd Sara Krull.

Pictured below are the 4-year-old winners: 1st Charlie Tyree, 2nd Justin Gerling, and 3rd Kevin Sperry.

Pictured below are the 5-year-old winners: 1st Ryan Westermeyer, 2nd Ryan Kassebaum, and 3rd Jacob Gerdes.

Pictured below are the 6-year-old winners: 1st Hunter Scheer, 2nd Maria Vedder, and 3rd Derick Gerding.

Pictured below are the 7-year-old winners: 1st Wesley Kandlbinder, 2nd David Otten, and 3rd Andrew Rethemeyer.