Large number of teams compete in 2011 New Haven Youth Fair Washer Tournament

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Photos taken by Elisha Hoerstkamp and Krista Vedder

Pictured above left to right:  Aaron Rider, Taylor Goad, Kate Menke, Hannah Seitter, and Bryan Diener.

Aaron Rider and Bryan Diener from Krakow and Beaufort defeat the hometown favorites Steve Meyer and Rick Zastrow.

The championship match featured youth vs experience and legends vs new comers.  Meyer said, “We didn’t really throw very well starting off.”  They would lose a match early in the double elimination tournament putting them in the loser’s bracket.  Meyer and Zastrow took it one match at a time, survive and move on.

Pictured left to right:  Rider, Diener, Zastrow and Meyer.

Meyer said, “The match against Johnny Viehland’s team, we got hot.”  The experience of throwing together for over 20 years helped them to reach the championship match.  However,  the legendary duo would come up short losing 21-14 to Rider and Diener.

Meyer said, “We are normally the oldest two at these tournaments, but it is great to see so many younger guys starting to play.  Throwing washers is a fun and relaxing game that we have always enjoyed playing.  It is really neat to see more and more younger players.  Ten years ago most tournaments would only have maybe 100 to 200 players at most and now there are tournaments with over 400.”

The final results of the 2011 New Haven Youth Fair Washer Tournament:
1st place went to Rider and Diener, followed by Meyer and Zastrow, and taking 3rd were Trembley and Klenke.