For the last time

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Pictured left to right: Katie McKernan, Drew Schwentker, and Kierstin Monzyk
Photo by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – Tuesday night Kierstin Monzyk and Katie McKernan played their last home game.  It is always a bitter sweet moment knowing you will never again dawn the green and white before stepping onto Lions Field, which has been their home for the past four years.

Pictured: Kierstin Monzyk.

Monzyk said, “It’s defiantly sad, we played a real good team and even though we lost (Union 6-0) it was good because of how much we have improved throughout the season.”

McKernan said, “It’s crazy because you feel like you just walked out to the field and now it’s the last time we will walk onto our home field.”

This year was the first time McKernan had been in New Haven’s starting lineup, playing second base this year.

McKernan said, “I was excited to start this year a second base, particularly being my senior year.”

Aside from the two senior players there is a third senior that both girls were quick to comment about.

Every team has managers who are at games helping to keep the scorebook and stats, but Drew Schwentker has done much more than that.

While managing for the past two years aside from the “normal” manager obligations, Schwentker was as much as part of the team by going to all their practices because he wanted to help.

Pictured Drew Schwentker at helping out at practice.

We asked McKernan and Monzyk about Drew and how did more than just keep the scorebook but also came to their practices as well.

Monzyk said, “I think it’s awesome he [Drew Schwentker] comes to practice even thought he doesn’t have to, giving up his own time, and that just awesome for a manager to do.”

McKernan said,” Drew has always encouraged us and explain different things we could do better.  Many times when coach [Tim Scheer] was with the other girls and we were batting he would always give us pointers.”

Schwentker’s ending will come when he sets foot off Lions Field when the team has their final practice.