Legacy of New Haven Basketball to be enshrined in Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

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Pictured above: Coach Ray Steinhoff and Ruth Steinhoff's reactions the moment they heard Jerald Andrews announcement.

New Haven Missouri, a quite town nestled between farmland and the Missouri river something special began over a century ago in 1911, basketball.  The local high school team quickly made a name for itself, defeating larger schools from around the area.  In 1954 a “quirky gentleman named Elmer Sharedon Ellsworth Hartzel the 3rd came to New Haven High School fit with a determination to led the Shamrocks to the schools first ever State Championship.”

Coverage sponsored by Somebody's in down town New Haven.  Special thank you to Chuck Wright for his hospitality.

In 1956 Hartzel began a basketball tradition that has continued to the present and New Haven High School adopting the motto “A Tradition of Excellence”.

The foundation for Shamrock Basketball began with New Haven winning four straight State Titles (1956, 57, 58, 59) and in 1958, Kansas City Star sportswriter, Fritz Kreisler called New Haven “The basketball capital of Missouri”.

This past Friday a private showing of the documentary, “A Tradition of Excellence – 100 Years of New Haven Basketball” was unveiled.  Along with past players and coaches, two very special guests were also in attendance, Jerald Andrews, President and Director of The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, and James Leon Combs, member of the Hall of Fame board of trusties.

At the conclusion of the documentary Andrews took the stage to announce that the New Haven Basketball program has been chosen to be enshrined into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in January 2012.

Andrews said, “We strive daily to tell the story of Missouri sports history and we try to tell that through sport’s personalities, individuals, as well as programs…. We receive about 250 nominations a year and have the ability to recognize about 20 entities each year.”

Pictured left: Jerald Andrews makes annoucement Friday Night.

Andrews said, “Our selection committee has recommended to our board of trusties and they have endorsed the selection that the Legacy of New Haven Basketball be enshrined on January 29, 2012 into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.”

New Haven will be only the second high school in the State of Missouri to be inducted into the State Hall of Fame.

Andrews concluded his remarks, “We hope that the whole community of New Haven turns out to celebrate this great recognition of such a tremendous legacy of high school basketball.”

In early December we will be able to provide the details and specifics of who will all be inducted.  We are unable to release this information until Andrews has made all official announcements of those who will be inducted with New Haven.

Video footage of Andrews making the official announcement this past Friday.