Leslie man works to assist in Long Island, New York after Super Storm Sandy

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Photos courtesy Nole Winistoerfer

Long Island, NY
- Nelson Tree Services of St. Louis, Mo sent workers to assist in storm ravaged New York after "Super Storm Sandy" took its toll. Nole Winistoerfer of Leslie, Mo. left with the company on Oct. 31, and tells us that at this point, they are unsure of when they will be released to come home.

Trimming trees to assist the power companies, Winistoerfer told Quick News that the destruction is like nothing he has seen before; “there is nothing ‘normal’ about this storm damage.”

The U.S. Department of Energy is reporting, as of Nov. 9, that the Long Island Power Authority informed them that the Nor’easter will delay their restoration efforts. LIPA stated that they have restored 43 of the 50 substations that were out of power.

More than 15,000 workers are involved in this effort. Additional crews arrived yesterday, increasing field crew numbers to more than 9,000 from across the country and Canada. LIPA has restored all but seven damaged substations, with many of those remaining to be restored in flooded areas.

Con Edison reported on Saturday that its crews are working to restore power to the two percent of affected customers who remain without power following the storms; however this number does not include the 35,000 living in storm-ravaged flood zones in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island who cannot get electric service until their own internal equipment is repaired, tested and certified by an electrician as ready for service.

Con Edison and mutual aid crews replaced 60 miles of electric cable and responded to 30,000 damage locations. The company went through six months of supplies of utility poles and transformers in a single week.

The majority of remaining outages are concentrated in Westchester and Queens, with smaller numbers in Brooklyn and the Bronx.  More than 3,500 outside utility workers from as far away as Canada are assisting Con Edison crews in the restoration effort.

Quick News would like to wish the workers safe travels as they assist in this dangerous area.