Letter to the edior -- Asking drivers to obey speed limit on Olive Street

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The posted speed limit on the streets is 25mph, however several residents of our town don't or won't obey this law.

I run a daycare on Olive Road (the newer portion) and due to the dangerous speeds that people drive up & down our hill, I am forced to only allow the kids to play in the backyard. The subdivision (Trail Hills) that we live in is full of small children (who don't always look before crossing the street) and the fear of many parents on this street is that someone is going to get hurt (if not killed) due to someone just trying to get to where their going a little faster than they should. We have notified the police on several occasions about this, and, in their defense, they do the best they can.

Unfortunately, their best is just not good enough. My biggest fear is that it is going to take someone (a child) getting hit and/or run over before this matter is ever going to get better.

Some parents are thinking that BIG speed bumps just might slow people down. Personally, I would rather deal with the headache of slowing down for the speed bumps than I would giving up the rest of my freedom for accidently killing an innocent person.

Tammy Hagar