LETTER TO EDITOR: Disagree with low income housing complex

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Dear Editor,

I live across from an apartment complex that has way less than 40 occupants and until you see what happens around these places you have no idea.

Sure there are good people living there, but I have spent too many nights waking up to sirens, people cussing, fighting, partying, or people honking their vehicles for someone they are picking up and squealing tires as they leave.

I am always glad to see those people move out.  I do not think we are helping our community in any way by bringing in a 40-unit complex for low-income housing. Hasn't New Haven already done enough by bringing HUD here?

Anyone can talk how wonderful something is and show you some statistics. I just don't buy this whole wonderful fairy tale of people living happily ever after in a 40 unit housing facility.  If you really want to see New Haven become stronger I do not think this is the answer, but this is only my opinion.

Jenny Althen