Lewis and Clark Expedition makes stop in New Haven

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New Haven, Mo. – Saturday night The Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Mo. set up camp after arriving in New Haven as part of reenacting the same voyage that Lewis and Clark took over 200 years ago.

Members began their journey in Plattsmouth Nebraska on August 17th traveling down the Missouri River, stopping at small towns along the way before their final destination in St. Charles, Mo.

Pictured is one member of their crew making new bumpers that are placed on the side of their boats, adding protecting if the boats would hit each other.

The purpose of their expedition is to bring American History, in particular the Lewis and Clark era to educate people on this important piece of our countries history.

Sunday members set up their campsite and allowed the public to visit, seeing first hand the type of clothing worn, displaying replicated items that Lewis and Clark would have used as well as demonstrations of how things were made by hand.

They have been traveling down the Missouri in one of several boats used back in 1803 called a Pirogue.  The Pirogues measured 39 feet long, weighing two and three fourth tons and took over 3,000 man-hours to complete.

If you would like to learn more about The Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Mo. visit their website at www.lewsisandclark.net.

Pictured are the two Pirogues being used to travel down the Missouri River.