Linda Seiner featured artist at Zia Gallery - Hopes to touch breast cancer survivors through her art

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Pictured: Linda Seiner standing next to one of her paintings on display this month at Zia Gallery

By: Kyle Quick

Linda Seiner is a two-time survivor of breast cancer.  Seiner was first diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago and less than two years later defeated her bout with breast cancer for a second time.

Seiner said, “ After being diagnosed for the second time I began doing art to express the emotions and feelings I was going through when I really couldn’t express them verbally.”

“I took some of the images and had them reproduced on note cards.”  Seiner sells the note cards and donates the money to breast cancer research.

Below she describes the thoughts and feelings she was having when creating the paintings.  Her candid descriptions are feelings many women may have when they have been diagnoised with breast cancer and her hope is that other women are able to find peacefulness knowing they are not the only one having the same feelings and thoughts expressed throgh Seiner's art.

"This picture represents my rise from the chaos.  I am celebrating life and learning to love myself again.  I am excited and filled with joy thinking about the possibilities."

The paintings Seiner did while having breast cancer lead her to continue to explore and do her own art.

Seiner said, “I get a lot of pleasure when people I don’t know actually connect with a piece at an emotional level.  What I have come to realize is that images can mean different things to different people.  If a viewer connects with something, whether it’s a movement or whatever emotion my art creates for them then that is like the top prize for me.”

Linda Seiner is the featured artist for October at The Zia Gallery in downtown New Haven, Mo.  This is Seiner’s first gallery show.  While speaking with her it was easy to see how excited she was to have her own art on display for others to view and hopefully purchase a piece of Seiner’s art.

"In this picture, call Field of Dreams; I am looking over the valley.  In the valley are broken dreams and hearts, tombstones which represent the loss of both my parents and my close friend, Patti, who died of breast cancer at age 40, four months before my second diagnosis."

"While I am contemplating events of my past life, I am also reaching for the world, above and beyond the valley.  I see God’s promise, represented by the rainbow, of a new life."

All of Seiner’s art are original pieces making each painting a one of a kind.

Throughout the month of October Seiner’s note cards along with her paintings will be on display at Zia Gallery in Downtown New Haven, Mo.

To learn more about Seiner click here and befriend her on Facebook.  Contact her if your interested in purchasing a set of note cards.

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