Local, State, and National election results

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8:35 - Update on State Races -
cigarette tax being voted down 60%

Quick News Coverage
The 2012 campaign is now the 2012 election as polls close and votes tallied.

Throughout the night we will have updated results from how Franklin County residence voted, to races at the state level, and of course the race to 270 for the White House.

Locally New Haven had a 62% turnout, which was about 8 to 10% lower than expected.  We are waiting for Franklin County to begin posting results, which we are closely watching.

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The totals of your votes are beginning to flow in a little faster now…and let’s go down the ballot.

There are now about one percent of the more than 33-hundred precincts around the state reporting…and they show Mitt Romney with a 56 to 41 percent edge over President Obama…

The big ballot item…the raising of the state’s cigarette tax by 73 cents a pack is going down to defeat by more than a 60 percent vote.

And in the Attorney General’s race…incumbent Democrat Chris Koster now with a good sized lead over Ed Martin.

Also…early on in the U.S. Senate race, Claire McCaskill now with the advantage over Todd Akin.