M-I-Z no KU licence plates

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Jefferson City, Mo - The Missouri House says no to Jayhawk license plates. House member Steven Webber, Columbia, Mo, says if KU will not play Missouri in football or basketball, then alumni shouldn’t be allowed to have Missouri license plates with the KU logo on them. 

He says he’ll change his mind if KU changes its stance.

Tuesday Webber said, “Madam Speaker, I have an amendment that will prevent the dreaded Jayhawk, the disgusting Jayhawk from being affixed to our beautifully crafted state license plates.”

The Missouri Department of Revenue has received a request from the Kansas alumni association to issue Kansas University plates, much as the department does for other universities in and outside the state

Webber said, “I personally will file legislation to repeal this amendment. But if they’re not willing to stand and play us, then Madam Speaker, I say M-I-Z no KU”