Man with warrant for arrest visits courthouse - Spotted by County Clerk - Deputy chases him down

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Union, Mo – Late Tuesday morning, 22-year-old Austin Thater, from Union, Mo. was at the front window of the Circuit Clerk’s office inside the County Court House.  Ironically Thater had a warrant out for his arrest.

At the same time a Franklin County Deputy was in the Circuit Clerk’s office when one of the clerks recognized Thater and knew about his warrant. 

While the clerk was telling the deputy, Thater overheard the conversation and busted out of the courthouse as the deputy began chasing after him.

The deputy chased Thater east through several streets.  The subject then ran down an alley while the deputy continued pursuing him.  As the deputy was closing the distance, the subject began walking.

The deputy issued a warning that he would use his Taser if the subject did not stop.  The subject complied and ws taken in to custody without further incident.  The Taser was not deployed.

Thater was wanted for probation violation on charges of two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer, tampering with a motor vehicle, and traffic charges.