UPDATE: Washington got Rocked this morning -- Marching Shamrocks clean house -- 1st in every category

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Photos and Story by Kyle Quick

UPDATE:  Today the Marching Shamrocks were perfect.  They took place in every category sending a wave of thunder through the streets of Washington,leaving the other schools scratching their heads.

Washington, Mo. -- The Marching Shamrocks were in Washington, Mo. this morning competing in Washington's Annual Band Festival.

Straight lines, perfect angles, and near perfection only begins to describe how good the Rocks looked today.

Pictured left:  Drum Major Ben Luecke.

New Haven fans all dressed in their green colored shirts lined, what we now have named “Shamrock Ally” Jefferson Street from Hermann Lumber down to West 8th Street where the Shamrocks make their famous “Texas Turn” at the corner of Jefferson and 8th street.

We spoke with Carl Bounds immediately following the Rocks performance in front of a set of judges.  Bounds said, “We sounded much better than last week and looked fantastic.”

No matter where the marching band is at, you can expect to see “Mr. Shamrock” with his green nylon coat.  We wanted his input after watching the Rocks perform in front of the second set of judges.  He said, “Lines look great, angles looked great, overall I thought they sounded very good.”Above the Shamrocks march off to victory