In memory of Dusty Englert (Oct. 19, 1982 - Sept. 26, 1999)

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Dusty Englert tragically died in a car accident 12 years ago.
His big sister wrote this poem for him below.

Dusty Angel

To look around this place I wonder,Wonder what it’s like
to see the world from up high,
Higher than a kite.

I roam around this small apartment,
worrying about the dust,
Washing clothes, doing dishes, showers area must

So much to do all in one day taking care,
of it all by myself,
at days end I look up high,
at my Dusty Angel on the shelf

I wonder what I look like from way up high
Wondering if he’s watching
Each day as they pass by

I wonder what he thinks of the mother I have become
And does he watch my children,
As they play and have fun

I wonder if he sees me when I’m smiling like a fool
Or when I am watching out the window,
As my kids arrive from school

I often wonder what my life looks like from way up there
Could I do it any better,
Am I showing that I care

If this angel could speak to me just what would have he to say
And can he tell by watching
That I think of him everyday

Would he be happy with me or would he be upset
I mean, he sits up there just watching
And I never do forget

And does he know tonight on this September 26 in 2011
That I am missing my lil brother
As he is smiling down from heaven

Love your Big Sister Rebecca Bristow