Missouri DNR Drought Monitor update released today

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As suspected, Franklin County is currently within the Moderate to Severe category intensity for drought.  The county has received less than two inches of rain in the last four weeks, contributing to inadequate moisture supply for crops and livestock.

According to the National Weather Service in St. Louis, “unseasonably dry conditions over the past two months have led to drought conditions.  Record breaking temperatures of 105 – 110 degrees and very low relative humidity will combine with a southwest wind of 10 – 15 MPH, to create an elevated fire danger across the region this afternoon and evening.”

The Weather Service also advises the public to “be extremely cautious with cigarettes, matches, and other open flames or activity that could create sparks.  These weather conditions are favorable for rapidly spreading grass and brush fires.  The elevated fire danger will likely extend through the weekend and into the holiday week as dry conditions and record heat continue across the region.”

For more information and a pdf. pictorial of the drought conditions, visit http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/pdfs/mo_dm.pdf