Gov. Nixon deliveries inspiring speech at Missouri State Fair Military Appreciation Day

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Photos and story by Kyle Quick

Sedalia, Mo. – Gov. Jay Nixon made his second appearance at the Missouri State Fair on Sunday for Military Appreciation Day, A “Show Me” Salute to Veterans.

Members of The Patriot Guard, a diverse group of patriotic individuals with an unwavering respect for those who risk their lives for America’s freedom and security, kicked off the event by roaring into the Mathewson Exhibition Center, revving their engines to signifying the power and strength of the Untied States Armed Forces.

Military Appreciation Day at Missouri’s great State Fair gives fellow Americans a chance to recognize the men and women of Missouri who have set focus on their country, voluntarily sacrificing their lives in protecting American freedom.

Major General Stephen Danner and Gov. Nixon awarded the Governor’s Unit Citation Award to representatives of Missouri’s Agricultural Agri-Business Development Team.

Nixon began his keynote address saying, “It’s a privilege to be her to recognize the men and women who have proudly and honorably served in our nations armed forces.  Ladies and gentleman of our military, both past and present, I salute you on behalf of 6 million Missourians for your service.”

Nixon honored Air Force Regiment, The Tuskegee Airmen, “Seventy years ago the stepped forward to serve their country and helped defeat the Notsi’s over the sky’s of Europe.”

“Their courage and skill in combat and their resolve to help overcome the obstacles of bigotry they often faced have made this group a legend.”

Well-known and proud Americans of the Patriot Guard received a standing ovation after Gov. Nixon thanked them for their support of the United States’ Armed Forces.

Nixon said, “I want to thank them for their unbroken and unwavering support of our military members and families.  They have been faithful in giving honor and respect to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, especially those who make the ultimate sacrifice.  It is especially helpful to have that force on our side…I thank you for putting machines, your bodies, and your soul to those who are unpatriotic.”

The ceremony concluded by “Remembering Our Fallen – Missouri Tribute” with the reading of each Missourian who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We will have a second part about Sunday’s Military Appreciate Day.  You may need a box of Kleenex for part 2.

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