Money, Money, Money - It pays to get "As"

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Pictured: Phyllis Menke and Angie Scheer answer questions from students.

Yesterday morning, Phyllis Menke and Angie Scheer with Bank of Franklin County, took time to visit with New Haven’s Elementary second grade class.

Students were given a brief history about our country’s currency.  Menke spoke about how people use to trade among one another in a similar fashion to the same way money is used to purchase items today.

She also showed how the dollar bill has evolved over time, from what the first dollar bill looked like to the variety of dollar amounts used today.

Scheer then spoke to students about what banks do and the importance of saving money, so that in case of an emergency, they would have money set aside and able to access.

Scheer also explained about Bank of Franklin County’s “Pay for “As””.  After students receive their report cards all they have to do is stop by the bank and for every “A” they will be given two dollars up to a total of 10 dollars per quarter.

Needless to say, when the students heard this they became quite excited.  To learn more visit their “Franklin Jr.” section of their site where there are interactive games for kids to play.
Click here to visit “Franklin Jr.”