MyMercy Brings Peace of Mind – Just Ask a Mom

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Pictured above:  MyMercy user and Union resident Stacy Langan with her son Grayson.

WASHINGTON, Mo. – Grayson Langan was only 3 when he came down with symptoms of a bad bacteria that doctors at Mercy Clinic Washington diagnosed as salmonella poisoning, a life-threatening bacteria. Grayson then went to Mercy Children’s Hospital in St. Louis for a few days so he could receive treatment.

“Everything they had in the computer in Washington was already there in St. Louis,” said Grayson’s mom, Stacy Langan, a single mother of four who lives in Union and works at nearby East Central College. Grayson’s health information was available at both Mercy locations because Mercy shares an electronic health record (EHR) and, through MyMercy, patients are able to access health information that matters most.

MyMercy is a secure and user-friendly online portal where patients can track their health history, see lab results, schedule appointments, contact their doctors and renew prescriptions on their personal computer or smartphone, all at no cost. Mercy is a leader in providing such service, which is available at most Mercy locations in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

For Stacy, the convenience of having MyMercy is invaluable. After Grayson returned home, the health department required more testing to ensure he had a clean bill of health. He had to have two clear tests before he could return to daycare. “The health department required repeated phone calls during business hours and waiting, which makes parents like me anxious,” said Stacy.“With MyMercy, the test results were there as soon as the test results were ready. They sent me an e-mail and I could log on to see the results. It was fast and the worry was over.”
These days Grayson is a healthy 3-year-old who’s asking Santa for dinosaurs and trucks for Christmas.

As a pediatrician, Yolanda Chen, M.D., encourages her patients' parents to enroll in MyMercy because she knows what comes with it – peace of mind. She said Grayson Langan’s story is a good example. “Grayson’s mom used MyMercy to look up blood work for a sick child at home. It’s good to have that resource to get test results back and alleviate anxiety,” Dr. Chen said. “Overall though, it’s just a great service for parents. They can log on and get test results fast, and if they have doubts if their child has had this vaccination or any other worry, they can log on and see their child’s medical record and even e-mail me.”

She added, “MyMercy puts parents' minds at ease as quickly as possible, and at times that are most convenient for them. There’s also no playing phone tag with the office.”

MyMercy keeps Stacy Langan in touch with her doctors and pharmacist whenever and where ever she needs to get in touch, which is always a relief. “I can keep track of all my medical needs and all of my kids' records,” she said. “I can make and cancel appointments and get prescriptions and test results – all from my computer or cell phone, anytime. If you forget to call your doctor’s office during the day, it’s too late. It’s never too late with MyMercy. It’s a time saver and a lifesaver. I love it.”

Stacy recently needed an important prescription filled at her pharmacy. She logged onto MyMercy to have it filled and didn’t know how long it would take. She was amazed when it was ready in a mere two hours.

More than 180,000 people are using MyMercy and spending less time on the phone with their doctors’ offices and more time doing things they enjoy.

Stacy said, “Now one of my kids is 18 and she’s set up on her own MyMercy account so she’s making her own appointments and learning to keep track of her own health record. She won’t know what it’s like to not have MyMercy.”