Naked man streaks through McDonalds

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Washington, Mo. – Tuesday afternoon around 1:25 p.m. at the McDonalds in Washington, Mo. a bazar chain of events left customers wondering, “did someone just streak through McDonalds?”

According to a customer we spoke with, who asked to remain anonymous, said “We were standing in line to order our food when suddenly a naked individual only wearing a hat, sunglasses, and tennis shoes entered the store, jumping over the counter and pushed employees out of his way as he ran out the back door.”

“One of the managers chased after him.  We could hear an alarm sounding after the streaker ran out the back of McDonalds, but the streaker got away.

We spoke with several other customers who also saw the streaker jump over the counter and run naked passed employees behind the counter.

McDonald officials were not able to comment on the incident per company policy.