Nearly 60 attend volleyball camps - High school teams get the Bruns' Experence

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Photos by Kyle Quick
Pictured are the 36 high school girls who attended this week's volleyball camp.

New Haven, Mo – Nearly 60 girls, grades six through twelve, spent the past four days at New Haven’s summer volleyball camp.

Coach Sharon Speckhals and Coach Jaime Hoener coached the camp for the younger students, focusing on fundamentals and the amount of work it takes to excel at the high school level.

Pictured are players from grades six to eight.

Coach Brad Bruns hosted his High Intensity Volleyball Camp for this year’s high school volleyball teams.  Coach Bruns is well known around the area for his high energy level style of coaching and success at the college and club levels.

The camp lasted from Mon. through Thur.  Each day included three hours of vigorous drills, a high level of energy, and one-on-one teaching, giving players the opportunity to experience “something different.”

Coach Bruns said, “You need intensity and when a team is jacked up…going nuts… teams play better.  I am real big on the team philosophy, “all for one, one for all”, whether you’re on the bench or in the game, it does not matter.”

Pictured is Coach Brad Bruns.  Bruns restarted the East Central College program in 2007. Over four seasons, Bruns led ECC to a 118-57 record for a .674 winning percentage. ECC never finished lower than second in the NJCAA Division II District O Tournament during his tenure.

After Mike Tyree announced his retirement, Bruns was offered and has taken the head volleyball coaching position at St. Francis Borgia.

Coach Hoener said, “I have known Brad [Bruns] for a long time and we [Coach Speckhals and Hoener] felt exposing our girls to something different, in particular with Brad’s background of coaching at the college and high school levels, would be beneficial.  It also allowed me to focus and observe, otherwise something I would not be able to do.”

Hoener added, “Having Brad here has also been a great learning experience for me…learning about different drills they do…so many little things…  Every coach has a different style of coaching and if you can pick up a few things that you feel could help your team…. that’s always a good thing.”

QNHN spent Tuesday evening observing camp at New Haven High School.  The best way to give an accurate description would be comparing Bruns’ Camp to a mini boot camp.

Coach Hoener said, “What I loved seeing more than anything was the girls’ desire to improve.  I noticed multiple times girls asking questions…wanting to know what they did wrong and how to do things better.”