Nearly four brush fires a day in Missouri due to extremem dry conditions

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Jefferson City, Mo.
- Extremely dry weather conditions across the state are causing Missouri officials to urge extra caution, as the risk of brush fires continues to lurk.

Mike O’Connell, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Public Safety, said Thursday that his department has tracked up to four significant brush fires a day throughout the state.

“It would be great if everybody can do what they can to be very careful with any type of fire or possible ignition source,” he said.

The department is operating out of the state’s 24 hour emergency operations center in Jefferson City to track the conditions.

“The state emergency operations center, the Division of Fire Safety, the Missouri Highway Patrol are all working together with their local and regional partners to track what all is going on,” he said.

Earlier this week, Gov. Jay Nixon toured dry areas and met with agricultural stakeholders. The U.S. Department of Agriculture declared much of the state a disaster area because of the extremely dry weather.