New Bleachers -- Johnny Appleseed -- is going on at New Haven Elementary

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Pictured above are the new bleachers that were installed at the end of last week.

We thought we would drop in at the elementary school yesterday and see if anything exciting was going on and did we get lucky.

This past summer the school board approved several small upgrades and improvements to the district’s facilities.  The nicest and one of the most needed improvements were bleachers in the elementary school gym.

The next time you are at the gym, say good-bye aluminum and hello to the beautiful green pull out bleachers.  Principal Kasi Meyer said, “Overall I am pleased with how the bleachers look.  It is like the new bleachers added the finishing touch to our gym.”

Photo by Nicole Overschmidt

Pictured left:  Mrs. Meyer dressed up as Johnny Appleseed.

Earlier in the day, Meyer spent time with Nicole Overschmidt’s kindergarten class to read them a book about Johnny Appleseed.

Meyer dressed up as Johnny Appleseed, making it a bit more fun for the students.  Overschmidt said the students really enjoyed seeing their principal dressed up like the historical figure.