New Haven Berger responds to report of structure fire - Minor smoke damage

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New Haven Berger Fire responded to the 200 block of Grey Squirrel Trl just west of Hwy VV and Hwy 100 to a report of a structure fire.  Hermann Fire Department was also dispatched along with Hermann EMS.

When fire crews arrived on the scene there was no smoke coming from the building, however the inside was full of smoke.  The property owner said he was outside of the building doing work when he noticed a large amount of smoke coming from the roof.  After calling 911 he was able to enter the building and put out the fire.

Fire crews discovered a pan of grease on the stove that had somehow caught on fire.  The owner could not remember leaving the stove on.

Fire crews used fans to filter the smoke from the building.

The inside of the building sustained only minor smoke damage.