New Haven PD dash cam video of hot pursuit

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During my interview with Captain Dan Terry he explained their department's policy in regard to a vehicle failing to pull over during an attempted traffic stop.  When this occurs the pursing officer immediately contacts either Terry or Chief John Sheible.  This communication occurs through Franklin County Dispatch who relays the conversation.  At that time, based on several variables, either Terry or Sheible make the decision if their officer should continue the pursuit or to terminate.
Terry explained in this situation Officer Burke made the right decision to immediately stop the pursuite due to the suspects high rate of speed as well as the time of day, with more traffic on the roadway.  Terry explained that safety is their first concern, safety of the officer and most importantly the public.  He made a very good point that radio traffic travels faster than any car can drive.
Terry explained in depth why Officer Burke decided to pursue the suspect when he reentered the city limits traveling west bound.  Terry stated, "This time the suspect kept his speed close to the speed limit and apparently by the video Officer Burke felt it was safe enough to pursue the suspect".
I asked Terry about their objective and tactics once a suspect comes to a stop.  He said, "Our first goal is to keep him from driving again.  Once the suspect got out of the car he was not wearing a shirt and had his hands up.  We then ordered him to throw the keys down, which he did, then ordered him to the ground which the suspect said," "No".  Terry continued explaining, "We ordered him get down...get down."  Terry pointed out that the suspect could have had a gun tucked behind his pants, a knife or could have taken off running.
Terry continued walking me through the scenery stated, "We continued ordering him to get down."  The suspect then said, "I don't have too".  At that point officer Burke deployed his taser.  Terry said, "The taser was strictly used to get the suspect on the ground and in our control."
Once the suspect was on the ground officer Buryk remained in position if he would have to fire the taser again.  Officer Terry then placed the suspect into custody.
Terry made it a point to explain that once the suspect was on the ground, officer Burke was no longer firing the taser.  Burke simple remained in position if the suspect would have attempted to get up and run.
I was unable to obtain information regarding what type of charges where filed.