New Haven Berger Fire Protection District purchases new equipment

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Pictured above are the new resuce tools recently purchased by NewHaven Berger Fire Department.

The New Haven-Berger Fire Protection District recently purchased and placed into service two sets of hydraulic rescue tools and 2,000 feet of large diameter hose.

The rescue tools are used to free victims trapped during vehicle accidents.  Large diameter hose allows larger amounts of water to be supplied at a lower pressure, reducing wear and tear on apparatus.

The rescue tools were issued to House 3 in Stony Hill and House 5 in Berger.  The set in Stony Hill is a new addition for the District and will greatly improve the service provided to this area.  The set in Berger replaces a set from the 1970’s.

All of the District’s primary pumpers are now equipped with large diameter hose.  This project will prove beneficial in the long run since the District’s replacement cycle for apparatus is 30 years.

Assistant Chief, Brian Strubberg, said, "The rescue tools were purchased from the Union Fire Protection District for $3,000.  The hose was purchased from an online government auction site for $1,500.  Purchasing the equipment new would have cost approximately $45,000, saving the District over $40,000"