UPDATE: New Haven Berger/Fire on scene Henniges Automotive fire alarm sounding

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The New Haven/Berger Fire Deparment responded at approx. 7:55 a.m. for a fire alarm sounding.  Crews are currently on the scene assessing the situation.  As information is reported we will keep you updated.  Click here for pictures

9:10 a.m. QNHN spoke with firefighter Dave Hahne moments ago about this mornings alarm sounding at Henniges Automotive.  Haune said, "A salt stack had over heated, which is not an uncommon occurance."  Henniges Automotive's suffocated fire suppression system was able to exstignush any possible fire that could have been buring inside the salt stack.  Hahne said, "We had personnel on the roof to make sure their suppression system had done it's job, which it had.  All we did was apply additional dry chemcial agent.  There was nothing indicating any type of damage had occured."