New Haven has their own weather station

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There are two devices attached to the siren located behind the old fire house.  Note they have been circled for your convenience.  There is an anemometer on the top and the second device measures a large amount of additional weather data.
By Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – New Haven has its own weather station that provides real-time data such as: rain fall totals, current wind speed and temperature, local forecast for New Haven, Doppler radar that's updated every minute, and much more.  This new state of the art system is for the general public to obtain the most accurate forecast for New Haven.

This morning as rain moved into the area we tested the system to see how fast data is uploaded and if it was easy to navigate?  Bluntly put, it is awesome!

We were able to watch this morning’s storm system move into the area and was able to closely watch the radar along with wind speeds, temperature, and rainfall totals updated every three seconds.

For example today there has been 0.17 inches of rain fallen or at 11 a.m. there was a wind guest of 12 mph.  This local weather station will also give city officials a more reliable source when there are severe thunderstorms, allowing them to alert citizens in a more timely manor.

Emergency Management Director Brad Maune and City Administrator Steve Roth have been working on this project for several months and less than a month ago they finished the installation and now fully functional.

Roth said, “In addition to using it for EMA purposes, we track daily temperatures for our natural gas system, giving us much more accurate daily temperatures, which in turn allows the city to better estimate how much natural gas they will need to purchase.  The state of the art system provides the rainfall amounts for hydrology and flooding information as well.”

Roth said, “In the past we have used the National Weather Service readings from the Spirit of St. Louis Airport and as you know their readings can differ greatly from what actually happens in New Haven, especially with rainfall.”

You can easily access the weather station through the cities website at or simply click the weather icon on QuickNewHavenNews.

We are also working on a video tutorial for you to watch that will outline some of the neat features and how to access them.