New Haven High School Class Reunion -- 34 years of Shamrock History

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Photos by Kyle Quick

There is something about New Haven High School words cannot explain. Maybe it has to do with the size of the school or how New Haven’s community has always supported the school district, maybe it is the pride graduates have always taken in being a New Haven graduate.

Graduates traveled from the coasts of California through the Whiskey Dick Mountain of Washington, to the Loan Star State of Texas and through the cornfields of Kansas to return where their lives began.

Pictured right: Class of 1954.

 There were 245 graduates spanning 34 years (1930-1964) of Shamrock history all in one place.  The oldest graduate in attendance from the class of 1930, was Evelyn Pelster Bauche who is 99 years old.

The distance people traveled may be the only way to put into words, describing the pride and even the honor of graduating from New Haven.

Saturday was also a day for classmates to reminisce their high school days, see friends they had not seen in years and some in decades.  It was a rejoices time filled with laughter, smiles, and watch two friends, who had not seen each other for over a decade, instantly hug and embrace each other.

Pictured left to rigt: Evelyn Quick and Delores Borcherding.

Two people both whom graduated from New Haven, Delores Borcherding class of 1946, was one of Evelyn Quick’s (1957) teachers.  Borcherding was only 18 when she taught Quick, but how neat is it to see a past teacher at your class reunion.

Pictured below: Members from the class of 1964, the young ones, the freshmenn of this event held ever three years.