New Haven High School home to an Olympian

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Photo by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo – New Haven High School is home to Olympic Champion, Garrett Hasty.  Hasty brought home gold in the softball throw event at Friday's Special Olympics in Union, Mo.

Hasty added to his medal count, winning silver in the shot put, and a bronze in the log jump.  This was the first time in several years Hasty competed in the Special Olympics, crediting Mrs. Conner.

Hasty said, “I had not competed in a long time, but Mrs. Conner helped and encouraged me to do it.”  Hasty said, “Yea I am excited, but Mrs. Conner is the reason I went.”

Hasty expressed excitement about winning three medals saying, that he was very happy about winning the softball throw and medaling in the shot put and long jump but refusing to take all the credit and continued reverting back to Mrs. Conner.

Hasty is an example of a true Champion, refusing to take credit for his success, instead recognizing those who helped him succeed; in fact I doubt any of his fellow classmates knew about his achievements until today.

Congratulations Garrett on such an amazing accomplishment.  It was a true honor speaking with an Olympian.