New Haven police officers go through firearms 3D simulator

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Bottom right: Jeff Arp controls the firearms simulator based on verbal commands given by, reserve officer Justin Gevers, and how he reacts to the suspect's actions. (Video of Gevers during a scenario)

New Haven, Mo. – Firday morning in a joint effort with the New Haven Police Department’s insurance provider, Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association, (MIRMA) officers were put through a firearms training simulator.  The simulator utilizes cutting edge technology to give their officers real life interactive situational scenarios.

Senior Loss Control Specialist Jeff Arp with MIRMA said, “Outside of real life situations you’re not able to duplicate them.  The firearms simulator is probably about as close as your going to get.”

Arp said, “The officer stands in front of a screen that has a 3D real life interface. They are then given different types of scenarios that require the use of verbal commands, forcing them to react depending on what the suspect does.  Just as in the real world, officers have to quickly determine whether to use a form of lethal or non-lethal force to apprehend the suspect.”

Assistant Police Chief Dan Terry said, “This simulator is incredible.  We have been able to point out different problems with officers in the past who are too quick to rely on the gun or too quick to rely on the taser at the wrong time and now we are able to address that.”

“This type of training allows us to explain to officers through interactive scenarios when a gun should be used instead of a taser.  We want our officers to go home everyday to their family and this type of training helps them understand when lethal force is warranted in order to protect bystanders and themselves.”

In this scenario Gevers approaches a vehicle while hearing a female inside the car screaming that she had been rapped.

We had the chance to go through the simulator and there is no doubt your heart starts pounding and get a huge adrenalin rush.

For the record we were successful in using the appropriate type of force however we were also shot at.  Luckily they were a bad shot.

We would like to thank Mr. Arp for letting us go through the simulator.