New Haven resident decides to cut down tree limbs over hanging phone line

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New Haven Police and Fire Departments responded for a report of power lines down in the 200 block of Selma Street.  Fire crews were quickly disregarded because the reporting party thought it was a power line, but instead the line was for phone service

The Police Department had arrived on the scene and reported that fire crews where not needed because the tree had fallen onto a phone line.  Ameren UE was on the scene and was able to confirm it was to confirm this.

A resident was cutting down large limbs from a tree in his front yard.  He failed to notice a line connected to his house from a telephone poll across the street ran through the tree.

It is unclear why he was cutting down such a large limb from the tree, however his actions caused Selma Street to be closed for a short period of time due to debris covering the roadway.

There were no reports of power outage or loss of phone service to neighboring houses.