New Haven School District Winter News Letter

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New Haven School District Winter News Letter

Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Community Members,
We’re approaching the halfway point of the 2011-2012 school year, and we’re very pleased with the progress our students are making.  Visiting classrooms daily, I see students that enjoy school and are excited about learning.

Students in the New Haven School District have a tradition of academic excellence, but continuing to improve student performance has remained an ongoing focus.  We have now analyzed student scores from the MAP test administered last spring, and are excited to report that once again, New Haven students scored well.  Thank you for encouraging students to do their best in class, and to strive for excellence.

We’re also pleased to report that our district recently received its Annual Performance Report (ARP) from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  The State department rates schools on a total of 14 criteria, and the New Haven School District once again received ratings of “Met” on all 14 standards.  Performing at this level will qualify our district for a sixth consecutive “Distinction in Performance” award.

Thank you again for your continued support of the New Haven School District.  If I can answer any questions, or provide additional information, please call me at (573) 237-3231.

Kyle Kruse

Elementary News

Happy Fall from Mrs. Otten’s Second Grad School!  We’ve been busy in second grade reviewing skills that we learned in first grade and going full steam ahead with our second grade skills.  The most exciting part of our year so far has been watching our butterflies go through a complete life cycle.  We received our butterflies in their larva stage (caterpillars) and watched them move into the pupa stage (chrysalis).

After about a week we saw our adult MONARCH BUTTERFLIES emerge!  Science is so much more exciting when you get to see it happen right before your eyes.  Throughout the process, we wrote in our journals what we observed each day.  In Social Studies we learned the location of our seven continents and four oceans.  Can you name them and locate them on the map?

We are currently learning about Native Americans.  We will be comparing the woodland and plains Indians.  To end our unit we will have a taste-test of Native American foods.  We are even going to try BUFFALO.  Ever day we practice reading and writing skills and learn a new match concept.  This practice has sure paid off…every second grader in our class made his/her AR goal.  We celebrated with a sports party complete with sport tattoos, sport drinks, and we even at bats and balls.  There is NEVER a dull moment in second grade.

Middle School STUCO

The Middle School Student Council has been busy during the first quarter.  In cooperation with the National Junior Society, they sponsored a lock-in on October 7 for all the middle school students.  On Oct. 14 they sponsored a fundraiser for the Franklin County United Way, charging students one dollar to wear a hat to school.  Teachers paid five dollars to wear jeans that day.  They collected $99.  The most recent service project for this group was filling shoeboxes with gift items for underprivileged children as a part of Operation Christmas Child.




The Future Business Leaders of America have already had a busy year, starting with supervising the inflatable games for the Chamber of Commerce and running a Dippin’ Dots stand at the New Haven Balloon Festival in September.  October brought falling leaves fro them, American Enterprise Day was celebrated on Nov 15 by serving breakfast to several of the area’s businesspeople.

Currently FBLA members are busy preparing for the District Leadership Conference, which will be held Feb. 10 at Lincoln University in Jefferson City.  Plans are also underway to hold a class competition in the form of “Penny Wars” to raise money for the “Rooting for Joplin” disaster relief program.  FBLA will also be hosting a Career Day for the high school students in the spring.

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