New Haven School Opened Its Doors for the 2nd Annual Family Fun and Fitness Expo

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Story and Photos by Brenda Korman

Fancy Feet could have been a wonderful theme for the evening if the Family Fun and Fitness Expo needed one. There were plenty of side stepping, twisting and kicking going on for the whole evening on Fri., Sept. 9, 2011, as students and adults enjoyed fitness activities such as Zumba, Karate, Skating, Bowling, Running and Basketball.

This was the 2nd Annual Health Fair that New Haven School Health sponsored. The elementary school gym and cafeteria were filled with vendors of all sorts, as long as they involved a healthy supply of nutrition and fitness.

Each booth promised interaction with games, prizes, activities and clubs to join. Area banks and grocery stores donated attendance prizes. Taste test of new drinks and foods were offered, as were free finger printing for safety and identification purposes.

Pictured Right: Officer David Burke of the New Haven Police Department takes fingerprints of a child.  This allows for law enforcement to easily identify a child in the event they were abducted.

The idea of prevention and early diagnosis was also explored. Free healthy vision screenings and blood pressure screenings were offered. Health concerns were addressed for newborns, cancer awareness and asthma. Additionally, fun activities were offered for families through kayaking, and archery. The unhealthy results of too much sugar and the healthy results of purchasing organic produce from the local Farmer’s Market were also available for the community to explore.

The 2nd Family Fun and Fitness Expo was deemed a success, as those attending the evening’s activities left with information on how to be healthy and with ideas of how to stay fit.