New Haven summer school students visit Art Museum

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Photos courtesy of Katie Aichholz and Kasi Meyer

Katie Aichholz (on right) talks with students and explains about the particular piece of art, referencing topics they had learned about in the classroom.

New Haven, Mo - Summer School Adventure is this year’s theme at New Haven Elementary summer school program.  Students will be exploring different places outside of New Haven, giving kids a hands-on learning experience.

Friday, grades 5th through 9th explored the St. Louis Art Museum with Katie Aichholz.

Aichholz is the high school art teacher and has been teaching summer school students about contemporary art.

The advantage to summer school is students first learn about contemporary art and then are able to see the work of famous artists they have read about in the classroom.

This week, grades 1st through 4th will explore Powder Valley and the Laumeier Sculpture on Tuesday and the kindergarten class will head to Purina Farms on Wednesday.

Click here to download the summer school calendar.