New Haven/Berger Fire provides state certified class - Big win for citizens

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Ten Volunteer Firefighters for the New Haven/Berger Fire Department completed a Firefighter 1 class last night at station 1 in New Haven.  Firefighter 1 is a state certified class that consists of 320 hours of classroom time and hands on training.

The class began January 2, 2011 and concluded last night with their state practical exam.  QNHN spoke with the lead instructor Jeff Buchheit last night about the class and cost for the district to host it.  Buchheit said, “The class did not cost the district any money because the different instructors we had come in were generous enough to donate their time.  The class itself teaches new firefighters essential skills and knowledge about fighting fires but more importantly doing it in a safe way.”

The state practical exam was held last night in New Haven as one portion of the testing process.  After passing the particle exam, students will take a written exam to become certified through the State of Missouri and National Fire Academy.

Buchheit said, “By the district providing this training to firefighters also helps tax payers of the district by reducing the cost of home owners insurance.  The Insurance Service Organization (ISO) helps insurance companies to set the rates for homeowners insurance.  With having more trained Firefighters we have been able to improve our ISO rating in turn reduces insurance cost for members of our district.”

The department had 10 firefighters take the class, increasing the percentage of the departments members to 75 percent.