New Haven's 26th year of summer camp has huge turnout

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New Haven, Mo - Twenty-six years ago, Coach Ray Steinhoff began New Haven’s summer basketball camp with just 11 kids from grades 4th through 12th.

Two and a half decades later the camp has become a highlight to the beginning of most kids' summer break.

This year there was a “great turnout” with 43 boys attending the 4th through 7th grade camp and an additional 37 boys for the 8th through 12th grade camp.

Steinhoff said, “Our man focus this week was making it fun so they develop an interest in basketball and see that it’s a fun game to play…if they learn to enjoy it at a young age they will play most likely play more and stay involved in basketball.”

We spoke with a few boys after their last day of camp this afternoon to find out what they learned and some of their favorite parts of the week.

Fifth grader, Dominic said, “I learned how to dribble and how to shoot.  I like playing basketball and had a lot of fun this week."

Fifth grader, Luke had quite a successful week.  He was the overall knockout champion for the second year in a row and both his three on three and four on four teams won as well.

Luke said, “I learned a lot of stuff; how to shoot, how to dribble, and how to box out.”

Luke said, “My favorite part was winning the knockout championship.”  Luke was also the free throw champion for the week.

Each day they shoot free throws and the player with the highest percentage at the end of the week is titled “free throw champ”.

Coach Steinhoff also wanted to thank everyone who came out and donated their time, helping with this year's camp.

In June, Steinhoff will hold camp for 8th through 12th graders.

Below are photos from yesterday and today’s camp.