NHHS Alumni Reunion -- Time flies when you're having a good time

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Editorial by: Kyle Quick
Contributed by: David Menke

The New Haven High School Reunion Committee has announced that an alumni reunion will be held at the Boondocker Inn on Sat., Oct. 1, 2011.

The event, which occurs every three years, will feature a noon banquet for NHHS alumni who graduated before 1965. This year’s reunion is expected to attract over 230 guests.  The reunion committee believes the oldest living NHHS alumni who will be attending this year's reunion is Evelyn Pelster Bauche, who is 99 years old and graduated in 1930.

When David Menke emailed me about the NHHS class reunion, I found myself thinking back to my days in high school.  Along with the memories; such as the time Mrs. Helling catching me cheating in her class my freshmen year, and being inducted into the National Honor Society two years later.  Thinking of this memory makes me chuckle.

I cannot begin to imagine some of the memories Mrs. Bauche may have from her days in high school.  A lot has changed since 1930, for example I was born 53 years later or the invention of cars, computers, and televisions.  These inventions and many others have transformed our way of living.  In my opinion, no other generation has seen and/or been apart of such drastic changes over the past 100 years.

I hope I get a chance to speak with Mrs. Bauche, along with other graduates, and hear about their memories of being a Shamrock.