NHHS Student Council hosts Leadership Week

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Pictured is Team Princesses, winners of the 2012 Leadership Week.
Photos by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – “Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no position or title.” - Brian Tracy  This quote describes the purpose of having a week devoted to encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and step up as a leader.

This past week, New Haven High School’s Student Council hosted Leadership Week in hopes of compelling different students to step up as leaders.

Student Council President Kelsey Peacut explained what Leadership Week is about.

She said, “I think it takes people out of their comfort zones and makes them communicate and socialize with other people.  Hopefully from this, they can step out of their box and realize that they can make a difference”.

On Monday, students were divided into 18 teams with the 19th team made up of high school facility members.

Throughout the week there was a different competition daily, each one requiring different skills.  Peacut said, “The purpose for the diverse activities was to require different students to step up and be a leader for that particular event.”

Student Council Vice President Rachel Horstmann said, “We made a few changes from last year’s Leadership Week, which was held in the spring.  We decided that Leadership Week is a way for students to get connected to one another.  Having it at the beginning of the school year, kids have the privilege of meeting other students and developing a friendship earlier on.”

Throughout the week, teams competed in a Penny War.  The Penny War allowed teams to earn points two different ways.  Each penny was worth one point however anything other than a penny was a deduction, but the team that raised the most money was also awarded points.

All the money raised was donated to the New Haven Food Pantry, which totaled up to $234.10.

Thursday and Friday were the two days that determined which team would be crowned champion of the week.

The final event to end Leadership Week was a double elimination tug-of-war.  The winning team, The Red Superheroes, had to face the team that was made up of the high school faculty, Team Love.

The Red Superheroes were not so super, as the teachers continued their undefeated streak by outmuscling the not so Superhero team.

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Pictured below, Team Red Superheros who raised the most money, raising over 42 dollars.