Nixon signs bill to ease school transfers between Missouri colleges and universities

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By: Eli Yokley (Missouri News Horizon)

Jefferson City, Mo. - Governor Jay Nixon signed legislation this week that aims to ease school transfers between Missouri colleges and universities.

The legislation, House Bill 1042, requires the Coordinating Board for Higher Education to set 25 core courses that will be transferable between any college, two and four year, in the state.

“House Bill 1042 will remove many of the obstacles that block the route to degree attainment for hundreds of thousands of Missourians,” Nixon said. “It will improve remediation, align curriculum from high school to college, improve course transfer across higher education institutions, and help additional students who have received enough credits for an associate’s degree get that credential.”

State Rep. Mike Thompson sponsored the legislation. In an interview, Thompson said easing transfer requirements will help more Missourians graduate from college.

“I think that it nudges higher education across the two and four year institutions to collaborate more and start to look at the classes that they offer and get together with those and decide what actually should be offered within these things,” he said.

Additionally, the bill allows students who take courses at four year universities to transfer them to two year colleges if needed to qualify for a two year degree.