Our country was built on Christianity...Has that been forgotten

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By Shari Panhorst

This is in reference to the "MEDIA IS TOO BIASED"  letter printed last week in the Missourian.

I couldn't agree more that the media is WAY too biased, from all the local news channels to talk shows and late night comedians.  However I feel that the author is quite confused on which way they are biased.

Thank God for Fox news which at least gives both sides of the story instead of the rest of the media, which are so left wing biased, and against Christians and justice for all faiths.

One example:  For all those who use snopes as their bible, look up Obama's vote on bill SB-230.  This bill is against partial birth abortion. Obama said that he would vote against any bill that would define a "survivor" of a late term labor induced abortion as a human being.  He actually rose to his feet to object that if the bill passed and a nine month old fetus" (not baby) would be allowed to survive then that would restrict the rights of the mother to abort her baby and that would make it an anti-abortion statute. He went on to say that the 14th amendment does not allow for anyone to kill a child that is why it MUST be deemed a fetus.

When babies (not fetuses) can survive  to adulthood when they are born 3 or 4 months premature, no amount of propaganda or persuasion from any source can convince me that this is good.

When we take God out of everything that existis in a country that was built on Christianity, all we have left is evil, and that is about where we are today.

Obama is the largest Food Stamp president in our history.
Ever hear the old saying, Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime?

Our country in now in a state of "YOU OWE ME"
That man has no intention of learning how to fish.  Why should he have to get up early and go out fishing when our President say it's fine for him to lay in bed, watch tv or play videos because there are hardworking people out there who are willing to work hard and hand over everything he needs to him.

If that man wants to continue to receive hand outs, and can't find a job, he should at least be willing to volunteer for random drug tests, and volunteer their time for a worthy cause such as helping out at food banks, nursing homes, schools are whatever they are able to do.

They should NOT be able to continue their smoking, drug, or drinking habits.

One last note, this one on Obama care.  You can bet it it was as good as they are trying to push down our throats, all politicians from the president on down would be happy to enroll in it, but of course they opted out.  Does that tell you anything?

I respect you as a person Mr. Bell but certainly not your political views.