Our favorite moments of the 2012 Washington Town and Country Fair - All photos

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This little guy was determined to stay cool during the warm afternoon temperatures.

Washington, Mo. – The Washington Town and Country Fair is so large it makes it impossible for us to cover every event going on. However, we would like to share some of our favorite moments.

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Pictured above: How can you not love these two sisters?


Pictured below: Now these four girls were my buddies.  Everytime I walked up to get a drink they had a water waiting for me.


Pictured below:  That is just awesome.  Friday and Saturday was the Purina Pro Plan Performance.

This little guy was getting his groove on in the Entertainment Tent. 

Our number one favorite moment was during the Jake Owens Concert.  There were so many special and memorable moments we have photos of, but here are our two most favorite.

In the middle of the concert Owen signed the back of a fan's cell phone.  How awesome is that!And of course, during his concert he jumped off stage to give hugs to some of his fans.  What an amazing person!

Lets not forget the benefits of being in the Queen's Court.