Out with the old in with the new - Elementary gym gets a new face lift

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Backboard says good by to where it has sat since 1984.
Photos and article by Kyle Quick

New Haven has always been a one-of-a-kind town with a special community. New Haven’s community, which extends beyond the city limits, has always supported their school district, especially locally owned businesses.

There were many historical events that took place in 1984, the same year the Elementary Gym was built, such as Boston College’s Quarterback Doug Flutie winning the Heisman Trophy, Michael Jordan of North Carolina received the Jon R. Wooden Award, and two rounded top basketball goals were installed in the newly built gym at New Haven's Elementary.

Tracy Langenberg asked New Haven’s Athletic Director if it would be ok to try and raise funds to have the 28-year-old backboards replaced; and of course the answer was yes.

Within one day Langenberg raised the funds,  thanks to the generosity of Citizens Bank, David and Jodi Engelbrecht, Wehmeyer Flooring, Howard Langenberg, and the New Haven Athletic Boosters.

The amount of money raised not only added two brand new basketball goals but two score clocks on both ends of the gym.

During the past two weeks the two goals were taken down and score clocks installed.  One thing to note to all those who thought they could dunk a basketball, the south end goal was about 3 inches to low.

The elementary gym is used by middle school teams for practice and will make things a little easier when trying to set up practice schedules, particularly the middle school teams.

New backboards and scoreboards have been installed on both ends of the court.