Paramedics and police officers assaulted by mentally ill subject

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Yesterday afternoon New Haven Police responded to assist New Haven EMS in the 500 block on Olive Street for a report of a mentally ill subject.

Captain Dan Terry said, “When we arrived on the scene the subject had locked himself in the residence.  A family member that lived with the subject allowed us to enter.”  After the officers entered the residence the subject came out of the house.

Terry said, “The subject initially was making no attempts to assault officers or paramedics.  However the subject’s demeanor seemed to continually change from a state of being cooperative to signs of aggression.”

Paramedics spent over 40 minutes attempting to talk with the subject and calm him down, in spite of their efforts the subject had become less cooperative.

Terry said, “The subject then attempted to physically assault the other officer, we then ordered him to the floor while pointing a taser at the subject.  The subject then began resisting arrest.  The taser was then deployed but failed to subdue the subject.  The subject then struck an officer in the mouth and a paramedic across the face, then grabbed another paramedic around the head, leaving lacerations to their neck and face.”

Terry said, “We were then able to subdue the subject without further incident."  The subject was transported by New Haven EMS to the psychiatric unit at St. Johns Mercy Medical Center.”

Terry was unable to comment whether or not charges would be filed.

The officer and paramedics only sustained minor injuries, none of which required medical treatment.